Nagakura's forging technology is realized by the modern technology.

Japan's forging technology has long been developed by the forging history of the Japanese swords.
Technologies, such as "forging", "quenching(heat treatment)", and "grinding" were studied by master craftsmen are reproduced by the latest equipment and are utilized in the current metal forming.
The forging technology cultivated by the Japanese sword-smithing supports the production of drive parts of today's cars.

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High quality forged products realized by in-house mold manufacturing

Cold forging realizes high-precision, high-value-added processing.
In mass production processing, it is possible to process at ± 0.03 mm level intersection depending on the shape characteristics.
In order to realize the processing, a high-precision mold is essential.
We achieved advanced forging by producing the mold in-house.

Machine line specialized for mass production.

Machining the forged product completes the products the customer requests.
At Nagakura, we constructed a line specialized for mass production, and realized a wide variety of production.
Because complex processing is automatically performed by programmed equipment, mass production can be performed in a short time.

High precision machining processed with 3D CAD CAM system

Due to the complexity of transmissions, advanced technology is requested year after year to realize the required parts.
Even complex processing can be developed more efficiently by programming using the 3D CAD CAM system.


Darwin said in the theory of evolution, "It is not the strongest and not the smartest to survive. It is the one to adapt most to change."
The environment surrounding LCC production, local localization procurement, home-based protection trade, global JIT delivery, in-house durability testing, motorization of automobiles, and parts manufacturers is undergoing major changes.
We adopt the technology that conforms the next generation, and aim for the next generation forging leading company.

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