New plant in the North American market, “Mexico Plant” construction.

The “Mexico plant construction project” was newly launched after the Indiana plant for the automotive industry business in the North American market.
Since the concept was developed 2 years ago, the second production base in the North American continent is operating as a cornerstone of sales and quality.


Energy of an average age group of 28 years old

Zacatecas is about 600 km from Mexico City.
Registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Zacatecas has developed as one of Mexico's leading mining cities.
“Mexico Factory (N.E.W. Mexico S.A. de C. V.)”, which was established as a production base for the North American market of Nagakura Manufacturing, is located in this such historic and beautiful city.
Of the 336 staff members, 7 are Japanese, and 98% are Mexican.
With an average age of 28, this very young and talented staff delivers high quality products with a monthly production of 200,000 parts.


Management starting from scratch

There are many challenges in creating a new base in the world market, but we think making a product and making a factory are the same.

Imagine constructing a goal from scratch and design the shortest distance while clearing the task.
The Mexico plant continues to expand its scale with the goal of “High quality and delivery capabilities”.
In the automotive industry, which is expanding with the growth of the world, manufacturing of complex engine parts is becoming increasingly important.
As a key point of Nagakura Manufacturing Co., Ltd. to expand the market by cold forging and machining, we will aim for further development along with young aged power.


Nagakura Manufacturing Co., Ltd.'s third overseas base

The Mexico plant is the world's third production base after Indiana, USA, and Bien Hoa, Vietnam.
The first barrier to overcome in any overseas area is the language.
However, it is remarkable if you go to the field and start working together, surprisingly you will find yourself understanding each other in due time.

Also, management sometimes gets confused about differences in cultures and customs, but we realize this is a difference in values and priorities.
We will have a clear vision of what we value and a clear understanding of our corporate culture by politely communicating the necessary approach.

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